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Published by PokerChipsUSA.com, 2003-2004,
Vol. 1 Edition 1

The Poker Chip Tribune

Los Angeles, CA
July 1, 2004

Not All Poker Chips Are Created Equal

     If you have ever been in Las Vegas and stepped inside the Industrial Size Freezers (the locals call them casinos), to cool off from the thermo nuclear climate that passes for summer there, you have probably, at one time or another, made your way over to one of the tables.

     Here is where you first come in contact with that most sought after little disc...the clay poker chip. (They're called Cheques, in the gaming industry, by the way. Pronounced CHECKS).

     Back when life was simple and advertisers told the truth, buying a set of poker chips was about as easy as going to the local discount store and picking up a box of poker chips. The chips were plastic, came 100 to a box and were always red, white & blue. Those days are history.

     With the rising popularity of everything gaming, especially Texas Hold"em shows on any number of cable channels, professional & amatuer poker tournaments popping up around every corner (or so it seems) and of course, the granddaddy of them all, The World Series of Poker at Binnion's Casino in downtown Las Vegas, everyone seems to want to have their very own set of poker chips.

     Consumers today have so many different styles of poker chips to choose from, that many people simply have no idea what they're getting for their money. One thing needs to be cleared up, and fast...all poker chips are NOT equal and all poker chips are NOT clay, but far from it.

The Chips Used In Casinos

     The chips used in casinos, are the number 1 reason why most people have the mistaken notion that all poker chips are made of clay, AND, that clay poker chips are the ONLY good poker chips. They could not be more wrong. The truth is, that there are no real clay poker chips today. All chips, even those used in casinos, are made of composite materials. While it's true that the professional chips used in casinos have much more clay, than for example, those advertised as "clay" on many websites and offline brick & mortar stores, the fact is, the pro casino chips have other materials mixed in AND not all casinos use clay poker chips anymore.

     Composite materials today can make a chip feel and sound like clay and they cost a lot less to make. Casinos are businesses, and cutting costs is a part of any business. So why would they spend twice as much on a "clay" chip, when they can get a great looking, clay sounding composite chip for half the price? The short answer is, they don"t. Many casinos today are using solid composite chips, some with inserts & some without, and not clay.

     Hundreds of websites will sell you poker chips. There are so many merchants selling "clay"poker chips, that you could spend days looking at each one, (if you don't go blind from staring at your computer screen for that long). The only problem is, many of these "clay" poker chips are not clay at all, but composite chips (as mentioned in the previous paragraphs) with metal inserts.

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